Build a Better ADA Compliant Website

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The DigiPro Media Difference

We build websites that are made for ALL web users, not just some of them.

Accessibility Ready

DigiPro Media websites are built according to WCAG standards so they are current with accessibility best-practices.

It’s In Our DNA

Every website that goes out the door is run through 3 departments that check and adjust for accessibility.

The Human Element

Performance testing is done by our team and includes checking web accessibility for mobility, hearing, cognitive, and sight related disabilities.

Automated Checker

As part of our web publishing platform, you can check your own content for common accessibility errors before posting on the web.

The Principles of Accessible Web Design

Ensure your website and its content is easy for anyone to understand.

  • Page titles that describe page content accurately
  • Reader friendly content with the most important information first
  • Use of Alt-Tags on images to make them more informative
  • Internal and external link descriptions that are descriptive and more meaningful
  • Text labels on buttons and form fields to give the user information on what to do
  • Pages and navigation built in ways that people can navigate without the use of a keyboard

Why Be Accessible?

Give your website the power to help the most amount of people possible.

Legally Necessary

Businesses are increasingly finding themselves on the losing end of web accessibility lawsuits.

More Customers

There are over 56.7 million people that are disabled in the United States and an estimated 190 million worldwide.

More Revenue

The disabled community collectively represents a market value of $544 billion annually in the US alone.

Better SEO

When properly built for accessibility, websites are streamlined for exceptional search engine optimization.