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DigiPro Media Platform
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DigiPro Media, LLC will build and implement a newly designed True Mobile Responsive|Optimized Website
driven by the DigiPro multi-media platform that takes full advantage of the mobile device phenomenon.

Technical Approach | Proposed Solution

The DigiPro solution will connect your business’s digital persona to the network, exponentially increase exposure opportunity and brand awareness and simultaneously gain search engine optimization. Building the new website on the DigiPro platform means that EVERYTHING on a web level will have True Mobile Optimization (auto-­-adjust to any screen size), feed to social media outlets and populate all other digital platforms that we provide, i.e., Facebook Apps, Blogs, Email Marketing and Web|Apple|Android Local, Regional and National Community Networks all through a single Dashboard. The marketing benefit will be increased reach and decreased cost and time required to manage and update content. The Platform will also provide the organization with real-­-time, comprehensive, demographic specific and consumer-­-based analytical information to enable enhanced communication and marketing decision-­-making through implementation of the following:

  • New Website that is multi-­-screen optimized, dynamically driven, content rich, easy to navigate and update from the DigiPro Dashboard and fully integrated with the DigiPro network of websites.
  • New Network Micro-­-App Profile connected to the DigiPro Local|Regional|National community Website Portals and Mobile Apps on Apple|Android offering business-­-to-­-community-­-wide interactions with event calendars, promotions, products and services right from your website platform:
    • Enables locals, business and tourist traveler trip planning through “one-­-click” add-­-to-­-phone calendar feature for events
    • Interactive mapping allowing category picks, alternate location start points, click to call, point-­-by-­-point directions and Social Media sharing
  • Fully Integrated Facebook Apps that empower the user to interact with calendars, promotions, announcements and other website content right on the business’s Facebook page. The Apps add marketing and promotional value to the Facebook platform by providing enhanced member interaction and complete information whenever they are looking, without having to switch platforms.
  • Social Media Content Management module allowing real-­-time and scheduled Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts from the DigiPro Dashboard.
  • Integrated Email Marketing system within the Dashboard streamlines company email marketing|communication and the collection, scheduling and management of the contact groups. This system is also unique in that it uses and drives all interactive traffic to the www.ABCBusiness.com domain and provides relevant analytical data ensuring maximum use and understanding of the communication|marketing campaign results. Unlike other email marketing platforms, the emails will be sent from a “@ABCBusiness.com” email address, significantly increasing delivery to the inbox and drastically reducing spam identifiers.
  • Built-­-In Blog tool allows for custom content generation and updates to existing content with an easy visual editor. The DigiPro Platform Blog uses your domain when publishing, dynamically driving Search Engine Optimization when the post is published. The “Post to Social” button allows for instantly Amplifying the content posting across all integrated Social Media platforms and Email Marketing establishing the domain authority of www.ABCBusiness.com.
  • Content Management System provides the DigiPro “Digital Marketing Simplified” Dashboard that allows for full control in a “minimal knowledge needed” environment. Training, customer service and support are provided for in this proposal. Staff will be able to change|edit|update:
    • Photo Images
    • Text
    • Custom Content (i.e., photo gallery, video content)
    • Event Calendars (with direct feed to all community networks)
    • Featured Events (aggregated & selected by the client to feed without duplicate entries)
    • Promotional Platform (with direct feed to all community networks)
    • Featured Promotions (aggregated & selected by the client to feed without duplicate entries)
    • Facebook App Content
    • Manage Business Listings and Contact Information
    • Email Mass Communication|Marketing Campaigns
    • Newsletters
    • Blogs
    • Manage Multiple Social Media Platforms (i.e., Facebook, Twitter)
    • Web Form Management
  • App Geo-­-Analytic Reports generated on the system Dashboard assist in content adjustment relating to market demand and provide valuable data to aid in efficient and cost effective media and marketing campaigns. These reports currently include:
    • New Users
    • Unique Users
    • Unique Sessions
    • Inbound Traffic
    • Outbound Traffic
    • Content Usage
    • Offer Activation & Redemption
    • User Geo-Based Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization will be achieved through several coding methodologies to ensure SEO compliance and relevant, maximum organic search-­-ability on the Web. The DigiPro network of businesses and communities is uniquely positioned to allow for linking, badging and content sharing through the database to efficiently and cost effectively design and implement a complete SEO foundation and ongoing SEO campaign.
    • Interlink & backlink development
    • Development of "badges" for placement on local business and affiliate sites
    • Content optimization
    • Completion and optimization of "local" listing on the major search engines
    • Social media optimization according to known impact points on SEO ranking
  • Social Media Marketing will optimize and leverage platform modules that employ a “share to social media” feature. Through the DigiPro platform, tens of thousands of people have the opportunity to “see” promotions, announcements, social profiles or events and share them to THEIR OWN social network WITHOUT having to already “like” the business page.
  • Brand Recognition and market optimization through the use of “badges” on business partner|member websites and network apps that connect to all other applicable community networks.
  • Ongoing Support is one of the most important aspects of DigiPro’s services. This proposal includes all design and iterative changes to the website build, training and support on all features of the platform. After the website launch, the client will also get up to 2 hours per month of “code” changes to the website included in the package. Because of the simplicity of the CMS Dashboard and the included training, client staff is able to make almost all changes on the website instantly.

Optional Services (Can be bid upon request):

  • Port Existing Domain and provide Domain Named System (DNS) services for the client website. (Optional)
  • Tech support for computers and other devices:
    • Unlimited Remote Support
    • Computers/Laptops/*Mobile
    • Anti-Virus with free updates
    • Threat monitoring from our home office
    • Discounts for offices with 3 or more devices
    • US based tech support agents that speak crystal clear English in simple non-techie terms
    • *Includes Unlimited Free Mobile Support
  • Wi-­-Fi Network Management and data collection system. “Plug-­-and-­-Play” system ties directly to existing Wi-­-Fi network enabling simple consumer log-­-on for Wi-­-Fi service allowing for opt-­-in email list data collection as well as many options for display data and optional advertising monetization.
  • Fully integrated Enterprise Email and Calendar system to provide email messaging, multiple address books, integrated spam & virus filters, searchable archives, shared calendars & contacts, video conferencing and screen sharing. All accounts will be manageable by client staff. All existing data will be ported to new system. (Optional)
  • Provide Secure Cloud File Share system that is scalable, provides redundant data storage, and is accessible through network drives and web interface. System provides versioning for document collaboration, searchable archiving with complete data backup and will allow select files to be synced to local drives. (Optional)
  • Local Community Directory with Categories and free local Business Listings. These directories can optionally have business profiles that, based on the businesses level of membership with DigiPro, provide calendar|event|promotion integration to your site on top of their “free” business listing in the directory.
  • Flight Information Data System (FIDS) for local/regional air traffic with a simple to manage public module. With flight information displays for arrivals and departures supporting carrier logos, multiple languages and full motion video advertising, the system provides everything needed for the smaller airport. This addition to the web and App allows the user to not only check flight times, but also check in to their flight through the web|App portal. (Optional)

Note: DigiPro offers this platform, in direct contradiction to typical web development company policy, whereby our upgraded technology is integrated and continuously updated at no additional cost to network clients. All future technology enhancements are integrated into the platform and made available to the client as part of the membership fees. There is no technology expiration date or additional fees for platform updates.

Project Phases

The project has been split into multiple phases.
  1. Content and Navigation Strategy
  2. Website build and Social Media optimization
  3. Launch website and SEO Kick-­-Start Optimization
  4. Ongoing Support and Service according to monthly service agreement starting month two

DigiPro Media typically estimates a 4-­-6 week effort for completion of the project build. Phase 1-­-2 will commence immediately consisting of the content strategy, navigation and site build and is the main variable of the project’s timeline. We estimate this will vary from 3-­-6 weeks, being affected by response time and input from the client. The SEO in Phase 3 will typically take 6-­-8 weeks based on the search engine process of indexing the site and propagation time lines. Since there is only a high level understanding of what is ultimately required, these estimates are subject to change once we have more information.

Total Project Cost Overview

Phase 1-3 Total Project Set-Up Cost $3,550.00

Phase 4 - Monthly with Profile App Connection Membership|Support|Service|Hosting|CMS Starting Month 2 $299.00*

* Monthly may vary based on opted services, email box count and size of data storage in the Cloud (based on optional email accounts, secure cloud and any additional services not listed)
Total project duration to “live” date is estimated to be 30-60 days from project start as some processes overlap.


The following items have been identified:

  • Client will identify a staff member dedicated to site layout and content development who will assist in determining specific attributes and functionality of the Website design.
  • Client will provide access to current website content and applicable marketing collateral (in editable format if possible) for evaluating, filtering and reformatting prior to the start of the project.
  • Client will provide photographs for placement on all digital platforms. Any materials delivered by the client to DigiPro are the intellectual property of the client. Client is responsible for securing any licensing rights including, but not limited to copyright rights.
  • Client will assist in creating and approving digital content and copy in order to stay on project timeline.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will consist of a “code” campaign described in the Proposed Solutions section.
  • A “paid” SEO campaign strategy is not included but can be offered in a separate proposal.
  • The budgetary estimates stated in this proposal are for DigiPro services only and do not account for additional services, subscriptions and/or fees from third party providers. For example, but not limited to: photographic rights, content services and third party API charges.

Fee Schedule

  • $3,550.00 set-up fee upon acceptance
  • Monthly fee for continuing listed services in this proposal in the second month will be $299.00 per month
Additional Expenses

Unforeseen project-related expenses (hard costs) will be billed to the client in addition to the fees above and will be discussed in planning phase prior to implementation.

Terms and Conditions

Note: all software developed is the intellectual property of DigiPro and maintained for use by the client.

Confirmation of Agreement and Acceptance

By signing this form, you affirm your understanding of, and accept all specifications set forth in this agreement.

By submitting this form and paying the set-up fee you are agreeing to DigiPro Media’s Master Service Agreement

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